Because oil and water don't mix, that means your CBD isn't being absorbed properly in the body.

In your digestive tract there is a layer of water that is a barrier between what gets absorbed and what doesn't.  So if you're ingesting normal CBD - it doesn't cross this barrier easily meaning you're not getting the most out of your CBD.

Inside everyone one of your cells there is a layer of water that is a buffer between nutrients and toxins as well, so that layer can act as a barrier hampering your cell's ability to use CBD to its full potential, unless of course you're using the world's FIRST and ONLY water soluble CBD.

There is also a layer of water in your brain that dictates what can come in and what can't, and that layer once again can act as a barrier hampering your ability to get the most out of your CBD.  Unless of course, you're using the world's FIRST and ONLY water soluble CBD.  Remember, your supplement can't work in the brain unless it can get in there - and that's why water soluble matters.

Let's talk Curcumin

BioReigns Water Soluble CBD also contains a Water Soluble Curcumin, the active ingredient in Tumeric.  By adding Curcumin in with CBD this allows for numerous benefits.

One of the main benefits is a boost to the mitochondria, the power plant of the cell.  The Mitochondria is where ATP (creatine) is used to produce energy, and when the mitochondria is damaged the cells can't make power nearly as effective as they should.

Curcumin helps to boost the mitochondria's ability to produce power, and allows the entire body to get the benefits by supporting drastically increased energy production across your entire system.

Curcumin also helps to provide a healthier response to stress, as well as enhance multiple neurological functions while supporting healthy levels of inflammation across the whole body, but especially in the brain.

Because BioReigns CBD is water soluble, this allows it to quickly be absorbed in the mouth and around the Dorsal Vagal Complex which is responsible for regulating stress response in the body.  When it is properly supported, the body and immune system can respond to stress drastically better, allowing you to take on more of life's challenges with ease, or just relax a whole lot better.

Those with auto-immune conditions are usually stuck in a "fight-or-flight" response, and are highly encouraged to consider BioReigns Water Soluble CBD to help support a better response to stress.

Those undergoing large amounts of strenuous physical activity can also greatly benefit from the improved stress response, as this allows for a faster recovery after a workout and better absorption of nutrients across the whole body and in the digestive tract.